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LAE 'Break The Clasp' CD

by LAE

$8.00 / On Sale

Debut album from the Montreal psychedelic post-rock band, featuring lead vocals, musical contributions, and production from Steve Austin (Today is the Day.) CD release coming November 25th, 2014. Housed in a beautiful eco-friendly, 6 panel digipak with spot varnish finish, featuring artwork by Sonny Kay.

All U.S. pre-orders include free domestic shipping, an additional charge will be applied for overseas orders. Orders to begin shipping shortly before the November 25th street date.

Track Listing:

1. Sexy Sadie
2. Break the Clasp
3. To Give You The Stars Above
4. Broken Knee
5. Reunion
6. New Moon
7. Sister
8. Spare Me Logic
9. Let Me Die In The Memory of Her Arms
10. Geisha
11. 17 Queen
12. Cold Dark Drive
13. Space Travel

For fans of Swans, Three Mile Pilot, Sonic Youth, psychedelic music and the avant-garde.

"...the band has created an ideal atmosphere, borrowing liberally from the likes of Slint and Tortoise with mesmeric rhythms and askew harmonies, while adding dollops of psych and occasional metallic bombast...Some songs initially come off as innocuous experimental jams, but congeal into focused and meticulous pieces after a few listens."

-Shane Mehling, 8/10 Album Review in Decibel Magazine

UPDATE: Deluxe 2-LP To Be Released September 25th, Now Available For Pre-Order!